This is already 15 years that StratiCELL supports the main dermo-cosmetic players in France and abroad, providing expertise, high quality studies and comprehensive reports. Based on core competency in skin tissue engineering, StratiCELL researchers are convinced that skin models provide unique and affordable tools in skin research and preclinical development, offering the best compromise between biological relevance, sensitivity, robustness and price. This is why StratiCELL continuously develops new and complex in vitro skin models, integrating multiple cell types and mimicking different skin disorders. Recent developments include atopic skin models with barrier deficiency (atopic eczema, psoriasis, ceramide deficiency), pigmentation disorders (age spots, vitiligo), tissue response to exposome and notably the integration of skin microbiota components to reconstructed epidermis.

StratiCELL’s main focus is to provide high quality customized assays that fits to your requirements and bring a real added value to your product. Contact us on for more details and support.