StratiCELL is renowned for its integrated gene expression profiling services, which range from single gene analysis by reverse-transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) to complete transcriptome profiling via DNA microarrays. Services also include the selection of the best in vitro models and assays, biological material collection, RNA extraction, quality assessment, quantification of gene expression levels and data analysis with a comprehensive biological interpretation focusing on cell and tissue functions directly related to the specifics of skin biology.

Biological effect screening by whole transcriptome analysis

Whole transcriptome analysis is based on the use of DNA microarrays to monitor the gene expression patterns of the entire genome and to provide deep insights into the mechanisms of action of a test product. This technology is essential for the identification and characterisation of a large number of genes/pathways that are either up-regulated or down-regulated by the test product under specific conditions (healthy or sensitive skin, exposed to UV or pollutants, etc.).

StratiCELL Skin Knowledge Database

StratiCELL can provide you with a unique interpretation of the results thanks to its « StratiCELL Skin Knowledge Database » in which all the information is specific to skin biology or dedicated to the associated dermo-cosmetic properties. The « StratiCELL Skin Knowledge Database » is a relational database that includes the classification of more than 3,500 genes and the organisation of these into topics/groups related to the biology and functions of the skin. It relies on the unique expertise gained by StratiCELL through countless skin-related studies. Thanks to this dynamic and exclusive database, mapping is now possible between genes/groups modulated by an active compound, on the one hand, and cosmetic benefits that can be expected, on the other hand. Such a tool gives a considerable advantage as far as the relevance of biological interpretation is concerned. Finally, the scientist’s expertise makes it possible to contextualise the results in terms of benefits provided by an active ingredient or extract.

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