Development of unique 3D skin model to study Dermatophytosis

The collaborative project MycEpi between StratiCELL and Universities of Liège and Namur has been recently granted by Wallonia under the frame of a Win2Wal program. This research project aimed to develop, within 4 years, a validated 3D in vitro skin model for dermatophytosis. Dermatophytosis is a contagious disease caused by fungi (dermatophytes) that infect the epidermis, impairing patient’s psychosocial and economic life. In the MycEpi project, Dr Yves Poumay from Narilis (Namur Research Institute for Life Science), Dr Minion from the University of Liège, and StratiCELL will join their expertise in fungal diseases and testing models, respectively, to achieve a unique in vitro dermatophyte infected skin model. Its use for the identification and understanding of new therapeutic agents will improve dermatophytosis treatment and public health dermatology.

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