The 33rd IFSCC Congress, Barcelona, September 2023

StratiCELL @ IFSCC Congress, Barcelona, 4-7 September 2023

Like every year, StratiCELL’s team will be part of the IFSCC Congress to present the last innovation in a poster entitled  “In vitro studies of skin pigmentation based on 3D skin models”.


Skin pigmentation is a result of melanin produced by melanocytes in the epidermis. Melanocyte activity, along with the type and distribution of melanin, are the main drivers for diversity of skin color. Melanized 3D reconstructed epidermis (RHE-MEL, StratiCELL) models are widely accepted as a valuable tool to study skin pigmentation. Whether you are looking for skin whitening or a propigmenting effect, these 3D skin models reproduce the interactions between the keratinocytes and the melanocytes in the epidermis from light to dark skins. Additionally, these models are also used as basis to feature pigmentation-related disorders such as solar lentigines (SL) or vitiligo.