Epidermal lipid metabolism

Permeability and barrier of the skin are ensured by the epidermal lipid content and the cornified lipid envelope. Dermo-cosmetic ingredients are taking good care of this natural barrier, by acting on the natural metabolism of epidermal lipids.
At StratiCELL, we have defined a new approach to confirm the in vitro efficacy on the epidermal lipid metabolism by investigating key gene expression. In a single assay, using the qRT-PCR TaqMan Low Density Array (TLDA) technology, StratiCELL helps you investigate the modulation of 48 gene transcripts playing key roles in the natural biosynthesis and turnover of epidermal lipids : free fatty acid, ceramide and cholesterol.
This new Lipid-TLDA approach is unique to StratiCELL, and fully compatible with our 3D recontructed epidermis, under healthy or weakened/inflammatory state.
Make the most of our expertise and add a real value to your study.

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