StratiCELL at your side to fight « Maskne »

With the increasing “Maskne” phenomenon and the requirement of anti-acne solutions, StratiCELL has decided to expand its range of in vitro testing related to Cutibacterium acnes. In its MicroBIOS Platform, StratiCELL now colonizes its reconstructed epidermis with a IA1 phylotype strain of C. acnes. To support dermo-cosmetic actors in defining anti-acneic properties, StratiCELL offers a double complementary testing approach: define the impact of cosmetic actives on the bacterial growth on one hand, and on the response of the epidermis to this infectious context on the other hand. Colonisation by C. acnes indeed generates a tissue response which can be monitored by 93 biomarkers related to inflammation, the innate immunity and the skin barrier. The ability of an active ingredient to modulate this infectious status can therefore be objectively assessed by studying the expression of these key biomarkers. Data generated could clearly support the introduction of innovative actives fighting the C. acnes inflammatory threat, into the dermo-cosmetic market.

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