StratiCELL has recently opened its new microbiology laboratory in order to offer original in vitro models combining cutaneous microbiote and reconstructed human epidermidis. Microbiological cultures, amplifications, detections and quantifications of some of the representative cutaneous strains are now fully available. StratiCELL offers original approaches to substantiate your microbiome-friendly products, as well as pre-, pro-, or postbiotic formulas.

The skin microbiota describes the natural flora that lives on our skin. Its impact and influence of our skin balance have been largely described. This is why new skincare products are now evolving to better preserve or enhance this natural ecosystem. Address your testing to skin biology experts like StratiCELL to support your microflora-related dermato-cosmetic claims.

Available claims :

  • MICROBIOME-FRIENDLY : neutrality of ingredients towards the microbiota
  • Beneficial or protective effect of PROBIOTIC strain or POSTBIOTIC product
  • Beneficial effect of PREBIOTIC on a bacteria and/or the balance & diversity of the flora

Design your testing with our experts :

  1. Cultures of cutaneous bacterial strains : Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Cutibacterium acnes….and much more !
  2. Co-culture of bacteria or microbiota transplants on top of skin models
  3. Bacterial outcomes : growth and viability by CFUs counting and 16S PCR identification
  4. Skin tissue responses : morphology, immunolabelling, Gram staining, gene expression…and much more !


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