StratiCELL’s project is designed to model the interactions between the skin and its microbiota. To do this, we have set up a cutaneous microbiology laboratory, physically separate from our cell and tissue engineering laboratories, in order to master all the techniques and acquire the necessary know-how for culture, amplification, detection and quantification of some representative microbiological strains of the cutaneous microflora. 

Our aim is to integrate a microbiological component into our in vitro skin models in order to offer totally innovative approaches such as, for example, the study of prebiotic or probiotic formulas on the bacterial ecosystem or, the modelling of pathologies such as acne, dermatitis, body odour and dandruff.

The experts are unanimous about the need to develop and use in vitro tests and models taking into account the bacterial ecosystem. StratiCELL intends to position itself as a vector of innovation, and capitalise on its know-how in cutaneous biology in order to offer original models of “skin-microorganisms” to enable understanding of the effects of the modulation of cutaneous microbiota and to respond in this way to a growing market requirement.