Skin microbiota : using in vitro models to understand its complexity

The importance of the skin microbiota is no longer a secret! Impact and influence of everyone’s skin flora on the skin balance and protection has been largely described. This is why new skincare products are now evolving to better preserve or enhance this natural ecosystem. But objectivation is still challenging when it comes to micro-organisms. Addressing your project to skin biology experts like StratiCELL can ensure your innovation to reach its end. As a leader on in vitro efficacy testing for dermo-cosmetic products, StratiCELL is now integrating microbiological components to their reconstructed in vitro skin models to offer original approaches to substantiate microbiota-friendly products, as well as pre-, pro-, or postbiotic formulas.

StratiCELL’s main focus is to provide high quality customized assays that fits to your requirements and bring a real added value to your product. Contact us on for more details and support.