StratiCELL is renowned for its integrated gene expression profiling services, which range from single gene analysis by reverse-transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) to complete transcriptome profiling via DNA microarrays. Services also include the selection of the best in vitro models and assays, biological material collection, RNA extraction, quality assessment, quantification of gene expression levels and data analysis with a comprehensive biological interpretation focusing on cell and tissue functions directly related to the specifics of skin biology.

Taqman arrays

Analysing gene expression changes using RT-qPCR TaqMan Low Density Arrays (TLDA) offers the advantage of focusing on up to 96 target genes, carefully selected and identified as key factors in dermo-cosmetic benefits. StratiCELL has developed several standardized arrays to meet the objectives of different studies. However, the preparation of a customized array is always possible.

StratiCELL relies on the unique expertise of its highly skilled and passionate scientists to properly interpret the large-scale expression data with regards to dermo-cosmetics benefits.

Resarch TopicCell and tissue functionsModel compatibility
Epidermal barrier & homeostasisEpidermal biology, cell junctions, barrier, antioxidant, antimicrobial, lipid synthesis & transport, melanogenesis.NHEK, RHE, RHE-MEL
MelanogenesisMelanin synthesis, melanogenic factors & signal transduction, melanosome biogenesis, maturation & transport, melanosome transfer, apoptosis.NHEM, RHE-MEL
Dermal biology, re-modeling & ageingExtracellular matrix components & enzymes, cell proliferation, antioxidant, proteasome, glycosaminoglycans synthesis & elongation, dermo-epidermal junction.NHDF
Wound healingExtracellular matrix components & enzymes, cell adhesion, inflammatory cytokines & chemokines, growth factors, TGF signaling.NHEK, NHDF
InflammationChemokines & receptors, interleukins & receptors, innate immune response, inflammatory response. NHEK, RHE, NHDF
Glycosaminoglycans Glycosaminoglycans synthesis & elongation, transferases, metabolism & degradation.NHDF
Sensitive skin & barrier resilience Barrier function, cell junctions, lipid synthesis & transport, pruritus, inflammation, immune response. NHEK, RHE
Pollution & detoxification Biotransformation & metabolism enzymes of phases I and II, antioxidant & oxidative stress response, inflammatory response, barrier function & terminal differentiation, autophagy, unfolded protein response.NHEK, NHDF, RHE, RHE-MEL
Epidermal lipids & corneocyte lipid envelopeCeramide and long-chain ceramide metabolism, cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism, regulation of lipid homeostasis, corneocyte-bound lipid envelope.RHE
Customized arrayTailored to your needs. Contact us to assess feasibility.

NHEK : Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes in monolayer cultures

NHEM : Normal Human Epidermal Melanocytes in monolayer cultures

NHDF : Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts in monolayer cultures

RHE : Human Reconstituted Epidermis (3D epidermal tissue culture at the air-liquid interface)

RHE-MEL : Human Reconstituted Epidermis with Human Melanocytes (NHEM)

RHE-Th2 : Human Reconstituted Epidermis challenged with Th2 cytokines

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