The 32nd IFSCC Congress, London, September 2022

StratiCELL will be presenting a poster at the 32nd IFSCC Congress, London, 19-22 September 2022

StratiCELL will presented its last innovation during the 32nd congress of the IFSCC, in a poster entitled  “In vitro studies of skin microbiota-host interactions based on 3D skin models”.


The human skin is host to trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This natural flora which lives on our skin is called the skin microbiome. Hence, new skincare products are now evolving to better preserve or enhance this natural ecosystem and suitable experimental models are then required for research on the skin microbiome. Currently, Human Reconstructed Epidermis (RHE) models are widely accepted as a valuable tool in dermatological research. On its MicroBIOS Platform, StratiCELL combines skin microbiota key components and 3D RHE, to study the efficacy of dermo-cosmetic ingredients on microbial homeostasis and disorders linked with dysbiosis.

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