Skin is a barrier that protects us from external environmental aggressions, as well as from a mass loss of fundamental body water. StratiCELL offers multiple in vitro skin models and tools to address the efficacy of dermo-cosmetic ingredients on restoring the barrier function.

Skin is a chemical, physical and immune shield that protects us against aggressions from our environment (light, pollution, temperature, pathogens, etc.), and prevents loss of body water. The hydric barrier function is mainly ensured by the semi-permeable stratum corneum and hydrolipidic film, while intercellular tight junctions seal epidermal cells to form an efficient physical barrier. Water retention is also ensured by the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

In order to address the efficacy of dermo-cosmetic ingredients to modulate those different barrier aspects, StratiCELL has developed specific and adapted in vitro skin models and assays to drive your innovation.

In support to those functional studies or as a screening tool, StratiCELL has also designed TaqMan Low Density Array to study the expression of key genes involved in epidermal barrier and lipid metabolism.

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