Vitiligo is the most common depigmenting skin condition; its prevalence is estimated at 1% of the world population. This pathology results from a selective disappearance of melanocytes from the basal layer of the epidermis. Vitiligo is a complex pathology with imprecise origin. The activation of the immune system as well as a lack of adhesion of melanocytes seem to be at the source of the detachment of melanocytes from the basal lamina.

Treatments have arisen on the market to reduce depigmentation. In order to support its clients active in the treatment of vitiligo, StratiCELL offers a model of reconstructed human epidermis stimulated with inflammatory cytokines. Level of expression of key genes and cytokines featured in vitiligo can be observed and followed in this unique vitiligo model. Its use in the study of cutting-edge vitiligo treatment options will improve the availability to alternative therapies against this long-lasting skin disease.

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