Whether you are looking for skin whitening or a propigmenting effect, the 3D skin models from StratiCELL reproduce interactions observed in the epidermis and, if necessary, characteristics of pigmentation-related disorders.

Based on its proprietary melanized reconstructed human epidermis, StratiCELL  has developed various 3D skin models, from light to dark skins.

Available endpoints :

  • High resolution pictures by in vitro dermoscopy (ITA, PI and ∆C calculations)
  • Total melanin quantification using Solvable®
  • Fontana-Masson staining and quantification by image analysis
  • Immunolabelling TYR, TRP-1, MART1, Pmel17 and MITF
  • Tyrosinase activity in vitro and in tubo
  • Expression signature of up to 96 key pigmentation genes using Taqman Low Density Array technology


Discover the efficacy of ingredients on pigmentation-related disorders using Solar Lentigines / Age Spots  or Vitiligo 3D models.

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