StratiCELL has an innovative device to show the pigmenting effect of a product on the macroscopic appearance of pigmented skin reconstructed in vitro, comparable to a clinical trial. 

High definition pictures are taken during or at the end of treatments and the device generates an automatic calculation of the individual typology angle (ITA), the pigmentation index (PI), and the colorimetric contrast (ΔC) of the skin. StratiCELL can also performed melanin content quantification (Solvable®), melanin staining (Fontana Masson) and immunolabelling of key biomarkers (TYRP1, MART1, etc.).Because the skin pigmentation process is more complicated than a simple synthesis of melanin, each of our pigmented skin models (3D) perfectly reproduces the complex and dynamic environments of cell interactions encountered “in vivo”. Our models include:

Light to dark skin models with the photo-type of your choice

Age Spots skin models

Asian skin models and other ethnicities

Download our Pigmentation brochure

Feel free to download our brochure to have more informations about Pigmentation.