StratiCELL is committed to supports the research and development of skin care products. As a preclinical CRO dedicated to skin research and testing, StratiCELL supports the main dermo-cosmetic actors with innovative in vitro & ex vivo efficacy tests.

Our scientists have been providing support to your innovations with passion and expertise for almost 20 years.

What do we do for you ?

StratiCELL is your reliable partner in preclinical skin R&D and testing services. Based on a strong expertise in skin tissue engineering and cell biology, StratiCELL supports the main dermo-cosmetic actors from drug discovery to claim objectivation. StratiCELL also participates in several collaborative European funding programmes to promote skin research and innovation.

Cosmetic testing

Do you need to…

Support cosmetic claims through scientific data?
Explore the properties of your active ingredients on the skin biology?
Identify new innovative benefits for your skin care products?
StratiCELL is your solution.


Do you need to…

Screen drug candidates for their in vitro activity on the skin biology?
Reveal their mechanisms of action and perform preclinical studies?
StratiCELL is your solution.

MicroBIOS Platform

Do you need to…

Explore the efficacy of your active ingredients on the skin microbiome?
Investigate the impact of your compounds on the skin response to microbial infection?
StratiCELL is your solution.