As a leader in creative and innovative solutions for in vitro objectivation, StratiCELL is a key life sciences partner dedicated to understanding skin biology and pioneering discoveries in dermo-cosmetic products.

Our scientists have been providing support to your innovations with passion and expertise, for more than 15 years

What do we do for you ?

StratiCELL is a service provider of in vitro efficacy testing for the objectivation of dermo-cosmetic skin care products. Testing strategies include cell biology (tissue engineering, histology and morphology), transcriptomic technologies (RT-qPCR and DNA microarrays) and protein-based approaches (blotting, labeling and quantification).

Cosmetic testing

Do you need to…

Support a claim through scientific data?
Understand the mechanisms of action of your compound?
Discover the innovative benefits of your skin care product?
Identify new applications for existing products?
StratiCELL is your solution.


Do you need to…

Screen for the efficacy and activity of your compounds?
Understand the mechanisms of action of your drug candidate?
StratiCELL is your solution.

MicroBIOS Platform

Do you need to…

Investigate the impact of your compound on the skin microflora?
Identify innovations for therapeutic compounds in pathologies?
StratiCELL is your solution.

Working with us

At StratiCELL, your project will be supported from the first idea to the exploitation of the final results. Contact StratiCELL  to share ideas and set up testing strategies according to your specific needs.