Ageing is a complex and multi-factorial process that leads to deep changes in the skin structure and function. Discover the extensive range of assays offered by StratiCELL to explore cosmetic ingredients and formulations with anti-ageing properties, including functional tests and gene expression analysis.

StratiCELL evaluates the efficacy of a compound to modulate the ECM composition. Available efficacy tests include ECM structure, protein expression and enzymatic activities.

StratiCELL evaluates the efficacy of a compound to protect against induced senescence. Available assays : senescence-induced ß galactosidase activity.

StratiCELL evaluates the anti-oxidative effect of a compound by measuring its capacity :

  • to regulate the intracellular levels of reactive oxygen species, 
  • to induce antioxidant defences, 
  • to modulate stress response pathways.

Autophagy is a dynamic cell recycling process that improves the natural skin homeostasis. It has been long published that autophagy activators reboost and fortify the skin. Amongst all the available biomarkers, LC3 is the gold standard to study autophagy and the autophagic degradation flux.

To evaluate the anti-glycation potential of dermo-cosmetic compounds, StratiCELL provides a global approach combining both transcriptomic studies and various bioassays dedicated to addressing the molecular mechanisms and cellular processes involved in AGE stress.

StratiCELL has developed a unique in vitro reconstituted human epidermis model of solar lentigines based on specific culture conditions that reproduce individualized hyper-pigmentation spots. Given histological similarities to in vivo observations, this unique in vitro model is a powerful tool for assessing the efficacy of compounds in reducing age spots or improving their appearance.

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