StratiCELL supports research to cure psoriasis

PsoriaCure, a new project to fight against psoriasis.

Psoriasis is affecting millions of people worldwide, and new treatment solutions are expected to cure patients. This is why StratiCELL has decided to participate to the PsoriaCure European project, leaded by the Frech company Temisis Therapeutics. The goal of StratiCELL is stricking: to create a 3D psoriasis model based on the infiltration of Th17 lymphocytes within reconstructed epidermis. Such a model would reproduce the in vivo skin inflammatory context and would therefore accelerate the understanding of the mechanisms of action of anti-psoriatic ingredients. This innovative model can also be used in all other skin pathologies involving the activation of specific lymphocytes.

Download the related press-release to know more about the PsoriaCure project.